Amcalarla Teyzeler

01 Amcalarla Teyzeler (2008) (5:22)



Released in December 2019 as part of a series of archival releases to mark the 20th year of Hayvanlar Alemi.

Amcalarla Teyzeler was recorded in unusual circumstances in January 2008, during our first visit to Hazar after he moved from Ankara to Stockholm to pursue a master's degree. He was living in a single-room flat on a residential corridor atop a shopping mall. It was our final night, and we couldn't go out because Özüm had a severe back pain acquired the night before due to standing up too much at the casino we visited. So we decided to stay at Hazar's place and record a song with whatever we had available at hand. There was a computer with a midi keyboard, a microphone, Hazar's bass guitar, and a couple of cheap and cheesy instruments we bought there - a ukulele and a stylophone. Amcalarla Teyzeler was a song that first appeared in a very skeletal form during a studio improv in early 2000s, and even though we never played it again afterwards, it got stuck in our head with some ideas gradually developing around it, so on that Stockholm evening we decided that the time has come to give it a shape. The release of the song got postponed many times because it didn't fit anywhere, and we were not able to work on the mix further because the original channels got lost at some point.

Hazar Mutgan: Bass, vocals.
Özüm İtez: Distorted ukulele, vocals.
Işık Sarıhan: Programming, midi keyboard, stylophone, sampling, vocals.

Sample: "El Bebek Gül Bebek" by Emel Sayın.

Words by Işık Sarıhan.
Composed by Hayvanlar Alemi.

Limited to 100 downloads.


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"Hayvanthropological Field Recordings Series" is a very limited pressing cd-r, cassette and digital series by Hayvanlar Alemi which documents their lo-fi home recordings, studio session leftovers, live performances, odd experiments, everyday situations, and the like.